2017 – change in plans – maybe?

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Life’s up and downs sure can impact your gaming lifestyle and that goes for game publishing as well.

I’d love to launch Mint Tin Odyssey in April but the window for prep is closing quickly.

Mint Tin Mineshaft might be a better candidate for April (possibly May, drat) because there are fewer parts and no “deluxe” component.

Both games are developed, play tested, and pretty solid – some tweaking to the difficulty of Mint Tin Mineshaft is needed and may involve consulting a professional statistician – no lie! o_O

This game is hard AND . . . due to overlapping game mechanics, it can be precisely tuned.

It’s semi-coop to get to the endgame where both can survive, both can perish, or only one makes it out!

For Mint Tin Odyssey, there’s a deluxe reward of a 120+ page colouring, rules, and story book that’s very much its own project.

The issue for Mint Tin Odyssey isn’t the art – the illustrator is phenomenal and 90% of the art is complete – it’s all the other bits that need pulling together, plus typesetting the book, that are looming larger and larger as February slips away.

Tentative parts for Odyssey:

  • 54-64 mini cards
  • 3 12mm meeples (2 colours)
  • 2 Minotaur coins
  • 5 Artemis coins
  • 3 skull tokens (maybe a glass one too)
  • 8 life tokens
  • 3 magic tokens
  • 1 rondel marker
  • 1 boss encounter marker
  • 2 Chessex mini d10 dice
  • a tin (possibly home-pressed lid)
  • 30 minute epic soundtrack
  • colouring book
Mint Tin Mineshaft play test card

Tentative parts for Mineshaft:

  • 64 two inch square cards
  • pair of fancy speckled d10s – Chessex, of course
  • 3 glass markers (2 colours)
  • 6 silver coins
  • 6 brass coins
  • 1 home stamped loot/carry bag
  • 1 first-player coin
  • a tin (possibly home-pressed lid)

Mint Tin Mineshaft may be the one to launch just from writing about it in this post (for me, this is like talking out a problem with someone – in this case, that someone is you!). =)

Mint Tin Odyssey would then launch in the fall – we want to share both of these games with you this year.


So fingers crossed and lots of awesome support from you and we’ll do it!  =)