Defining Enclave Harbour

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What is Enclave Harbour and why being counted in OpenSim stats don’t matter?

Counting the regions that come and go in OpenSim is a bit like counting sites using Flash was ten years ago. Flash was new and allowed for new things to be accomplished in the World Wide Web. Today, Flash has enjoyed a bit of news with Steve Jobs waging his war against useless content on the web. Steve Jobs can do anything he likes but I take offense to him making the decision on what is useful and of lasting value on the web.

Apart from that, Flash has enjoyed ubiquitous reach and is a part of a great many things, including being a large and significant part of eLearning. Ten years ago there was a lot of bad Flash and so many “Skip Intro” buttons that it’s a wonder it did become mainstream. Today Flash serves many purposes and for the most part, people don’t realize that they are using it.

OpenSim may become like that one day, a vehicle to deliver an experience, eLearning, entertainment, or any of a number of things that have shaped the Internet into such an important part of modern day life.

No one counts the number of sites using Flash because Flash is so well integrated.

No one needs to count Enclave Harbour because it is a vehicle to teach with. Enclave Harbour does not rent land to others and is just a medium like a photograph in a school text book is. If we do our job well (and Ener is an ace at building these activities out) then the OpenSim part of Enclave Harbour will simply be just the instrument and not the focus.

Our grid runs so incredibly well that no one will think about lag and thus can focus on the activities, which is its entire purpose. When you view this or that on the web, you don’t wonder what version of Apache that site is running. When you watch Lord of the Rings, you don’t wonder what brand of microphones they used or how many they used. If Enclave Harbour can achieve its goal to be part of reaching out and teaching kids science, then we will have achieved a good thing.

I would like to see OpenSim reach the level that Flash has been at for years, to be a vehicle to deliver content. With great hosts like James at SimHost and the passion of the core OpenSim developers, this goal is become a reality.

So don’t count us as simply a set of OpenSim regions, that has little value except to show others that OpenSim is hitting the proverbial nail on the head as a great platform for delivering immersive content.

Now to get back to writing and I hope I do justice to all the wonderful work our Ener is doing!

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