Fun Game Design Meetup & Kids Rule

This week was fun – 5000 mini meeples on the dining room table, ordered 18 and a half pounds of mini cards for game reviewer copies (funny to think of them like that, but the shipping cost brought that to light – luckily, an online coupon covered the $100 FedEx fee!).

The highlight was our local Seacoast Game Designers Meetup, run by Kevin (thanks Kevin!), when two students (16 & 18) showed up to play games at Diversions – the host of the meetups.

Kevin invited them over and they played Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens. No guidance, just the tiny instructions. It was awesome to see their approach. They played one game of each helping each other with their cards face up and following the instructions, and then played for real.

Zoe and Ben were so awesome and I consider them my first two game reviewers. =)

I really enjoyed Mint Tin Aliens – can be played anytime,
anywhere, and with anyone!
– Zoe A.

Mint Tin Pirates is quirky & inventive. – Ben S.

I lovingly call them kids in the post title and they’re wonderful people whose thoughts are just as important as anyone’s. Maybe even more so! I tend to think of my inner child creating these games and getting their honest opinions rocks (even totes mcgoats and cho sugoi!). ๑>ᴗ<๑

 Have a great weekend everybody! =)

lol, no pics would be complete without at least one with food! Kate & I at Coco Loco’s seeing how impervious the cards are to cheese and salsa! =D
Seacoast Game Designers Meetup photo courtesy of Kevin Craine
Mint Tin Aliens – I should try the same approach to new games! =)
Mint Tin Pirates – Their suggestions resulted in me staying up til 2 AM adding a great clarification before ordering 70 decks! Thanks Zoe and Ben!