Kickstarter comment regarding what’s going on

This update was posted as a comment in both our past Kickstarters. This covers similar topics as the last blog post:

Hi all! It’s been three years since we first started in Kickstarter with Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens. And two years since Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse (time flies when you’re unleashing the apocalypse). =p

Kate and I have been working on games that we’d like to Kickstart and the promising ones are:

Mint Tin LunaSyr – a moon mining game of set collection, resource management, and worker placement. This one’s about 45 minutes to play, our longest so far. It has some tweaking to go but has been well playtested. Our final playtesting should happen in early 2018. We’d love to launch this one in Spring/Summer 2018.

Mint Tin Odyssey’s hero dealing with a minor enemy

Mint Tin Odyssey – this one’s a solo adventure quest inspired by The Legend of Zelda (1986). We have a professional artist and she’s completed 95% of the art. While this one is far along in its development, it will be a big one for us to pull together. It has a “deluxe” reward with a 100 page book – typesetting that book is a big task for me (will be printed in the US). We’d love to do this one in the Fall or Winter of 2018. A fun aspect to this game is that it can be packed up mid-game and then continued later.

Mint Tin Mineshaft – this game’s been the longest in the works and needs a bit more oomph for the endgame. It’s a two player with a lot of angst. So much angst that Kate gets too tense while playing. But we both agree that’s what makes it a good game. It’s semi-coop and can end with both players losing or both surviving with one as the winner.

Both Odyssey and Mineshaft use our “Delta d10” dice system which is intended to be fast and easy-to-read. It’s not a traditional RPG mechanic but I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Since we’re talking anniversaries, we’re thinking of making the Print and Plays from Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens available on BoardGameGeek.

For the new games in the works, we’ll be doing free PnPs on the Kickstarter, probably black & white ink-friendly versions, with full-colour as a dollar reward.

Please share your thoughts on any of this (in facebook or twitter) and thank you for making these games possible!

You’ve spread the word and there are over 7,000 mint tin games in 49 countries – all because of you! Thank you! =)