Microsoft Word one page display at any zoom

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I use Microsoft Word for writing and save them online in Google Drive.

I have an inexpensive monitor with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels and would consider it to be fairly mainstream yet when viewing a Word document at 100% zoom, I get two pages displaying. I would only like to see one page and searching on Google reveals this to be a big pain for many people.

The most cited solution is to size the Word application window narrower in order to force a single page display depending on the zoom level you would like.

That seems like a pretty poor design by Microsoft.

But, after a bit more searching, I found the exact solution I wanted – to be able to have the Word app fully maximised, display only one page of my document, and zoom to any size.

Go to the View tab and select One Page, then hold down the control key while rolling the mouse wheel to change the zoom.

Word will zoom in and out AND keep only one page viewable.