Mint Tin Games Kickstarter Nearly Done?

What a fantastic and wonderful experience. Even loading the mail truck in 39 degree weather with rain and 20 mph wind!=D

It’s wonderful receiving so many tweets with your photos expressing how smoothly Mint Tin Games – Pirates & Aliens ran.  I wish I could say that was all me . . . but it wasn’t.

Lots of reading about KS, especially games in KS, was the secret to this running smoothly.

For example, we were glad to have a laser-jet printer for the mailing labels and that the games were in multiple layers of plastic. Nothing fell into a puddle but the outside of packages did get wet.

Some reading led us to use a laser-jet for the labels because they’re waterproof – no smudging. We found a laser-jet for around $100 based on reviews from Etsy and eBay sellers that mentioned it handled thick label paper without gumming up. Some printers have issues with labels separating inside – yikes! o_O

Those “minor” details all added up to a smooth project (plus I’m persnickety, and maybe a tad OCD, and Kate’s practical and calm and undoubtedly my better half in many ways). *awww*

However, I don’t consider this KS done yet. Not until all packages are delivered.

I expect some international ones may take all of December, even with “First Class” mail. Most US ones should be done this week.

Games went out to Malyasia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Northern Baffin Island (way remote Canada), Norway, Japan, Tasmania (how cool is that!), Mexico, Brasil, and many others. Even to a US Navy Aircraft Carrier! =)

It’s also been wonderful receiving your tweets with photos of you and/or your kids playing the games, that’s far more reward than a funded Kickstarter – I can’t express how much that warms both our hearts. Thank you.

So wazz next?

I’ve got kids’ transition books (7 to 9 year olds) that should see the first one printed in February. Five books are written and the first three have been professional edited. They each have about 16 black and white line art drawings from a professional illustrator (my 16th century woodcut art style for drawing a cannon doesn’t translate well to drawing a chicken and a goat!). The first one is illustrated and the second is underway.

BUT . . . that doesn’t slow down new games. *thumbs up*

Each thing, games and books, act as a break from the other. And Kate is on fire for Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse! That’s really her game. Not sure if that title still works – she introduced a Godzilla-like monster – hmm, I guess that’s pretty apocalyptic and still works (I love the juxtaposition of mini and apocalypse).

Plus, I have a full-sized game called Zombalamba I’d love to get out there, just need to find a local source for hex-based tiles

So stay tuned and the Kickstarters aren’t over! Happy Holidays!