Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse in early play tests

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This is really kooky and all Kate’s fault! Out at a local tiny family restaurant, she pulls a beat up Altoids Smalls container from her purse, tosses it like a gauntlet onto the table, and says “how about this for a game?”

Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens were a huge logistical challenge. The game play was heavily dictated by the form factor. 64 cards is the max that will fit, especially when the cards puff up a little from shuffling and bending.  And there was no way to get instructions printed and folded to fit the tin without costing a few dollars each! =(

hand ink stamped? 2 stamps? one red & one blue – sheesh!

So a mini tin?

My American can supplier does have a size close to it and 720 come in a carton, but they are less than half the size of the normal mint tin! o_O

  • normal – 3-11/16″ x 2-5/16″ x 3/4″
    or 6.4 cubic inches
  • mini – 2-5/16″ x 1-7/8″ x 1/2″
    or 2.17 cubic inches

But . . . 12mm dice fit, mini meeples fit, so there’s the challenge. A logistical and game play challenge.

No cards? Ugh, that limits what you can do big time!

But here it is below, kind of in action, I almost gave up because my shoulder was hurting from frantically rolling the dice so many times and so quickly (and lunch came!). It’s a bit like cutthroat Escape: The Curse of the Temple.

What about the Inimitable Kate?

She’s a beast. She’s ruthless and laughs when she knocks me back down or tosses me out of the shelter!


Maybe this will be the next Kickstarter, but another game too, I do like the pairs! =)

btw, if you read the blog but didn’t know, Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens is live on Kickstarter!


game setup – all mini meeples are down! maybe an EMP?
sorry for the blur, i have like a 5 year old samsung and it doesn’t have many pixels! =D
first you have to stand, then get to the shelter, then get one box of supplies, then . . .
ha! I won! in the shelter and closed the door! yeah, we left Alice behind, but the good of the many outweigh the need of the one!


Recycled image below from two posts back, but it makes me grin! =D

Have a great weekend!