Mint Tin Minis?

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While at dinner the other night, Kate and I were talking about the upcoming Kickstarter (OMG! this Tuesday! I’m such a friggin’ nervous wreck!)  and the next games we want to make.

She takes an empty Altoids Smalls tin from her purse and says

what about Mint Tin Minis?

And she was serious! o_O

There are some big advantages to make games a la Maker Movement style at home with materials that aren’t all custom made. It’s allowed us to send out 3 dozen each of Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens to out-of-state play test groups and then reviewers, and even sell some! With a “traditional” board game, prototypes would have easily cost 5 to 10 times more!

I have a game design meetup friend who launched a successful Kickstarter but his prototypes ran $50 each!

Not only cost, but space advantages too!

I posted earlier the pic of a carton of 432 mint tins and Bella the cat. It’s not a shoe box but it’s also not so big as to be a logistical issue.

So when Kate tossed out the mini gauntlet at dinner, I pulled out dice and meeples from my messenger bag and started futzing with game ideas while waiting for our food (hmm, seems to be a common theme with us). =D

So 4 12mm d6, 8 mini meeples and one normal sized “monster” meeple, plus instructions printed on a components wrapper (like the paper in Altoids), may actually work! The outside label might be the biggest challenge (and making a fun game!). =)

ridiculously portable!


much smaller than current mint tin games (my Pirates copy is beat up from jumping on it to see how it stands up)


 UPDATE 26.09.2014 14:35 – The theme is set!

oh yeah, this is for real and it’s on like Donkey Kong! =D