OpenSim on an Android tablet vs. a desktop


written by Ener Hax and reposted from the iliveisl blog:

sometimes people ask me what i think about OpenSim and tablets. most in the OpenSim community know about Lumiya but those that ask me are typically outsiders (them!) and include people in the corporate eLearning that have seen how we have used it as a free 3D video studio (old post by subQuark)

Lumiya works very well (there was an update last night – after i had taken these pics!) but it is not the desktop experience. i still use Imprudence 1.3.2 which is what is shown below. newer browsers render more nicely than version 1 viewers but the screen shots below are simply to show the difference

i don’t know why my avatar doesn’t render out, i have seen other people’s screen shots where theirs do – must be an enersyncrasy or maybe i’m so bright you have to wear shades =p

would i use Lumiya for more than simply checking it out?

no, there isn’t a case where i would suggest Lumiya over a desktop to interact with anything i make. that said, if it was the only access someone had to something like our Enclave Harbour project, then i would be okay with it. i think our “3D illustrations” for science field trips will work in Lumiya

the second image shows the tower crane and nuclear power plant components and would be usable in conjunction with the workbook. the experience would still be immersive in that a student could walk around the builds but it wouldn’t be as rich as a desktop

i believe that as tablets become more powerful (or are inevitably morphed in favour of tablet-sized ultra PCs with detachable keyboards) then we will have rich OpenSim experiences – it’s just a matter of time =)



Haxor Lunar Lounge in Kitely – one of two kid-friendly clubs in Enclave Harbour



old school nuclear power plant in Enclave Harbour


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Written by subquark

June 12th, 2013 at 9:44 am

Posted in education,virtual world

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2 Responses to 'OpenSim on an Android tablet vs. a desktop'

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  1. Sadly for me, the day of virtual worlds running well on portable devices did not come fast enough. We have 100% of students now with low-to-mid-range laptops, and they won’t even consider an Ethernet connection. The desktop is dead on my campus.

    Tablets are advancing slowly on campus, but that’s never been the show-stopper for me. It’s the inability of VWs to run well on laptops.

    Fearing poor evals if I forced students into labs, and lacking support for VWs, I threw in the towel. There are plenty of technologies that do work well on what my students have in-hand. I’ll be using them.


    14 Jun 13 at 9:17 pm

  2. Hello Iggy, I have followed your use of Second Life and OpenSim with Reaction Grid and commend you for fully integrating it with your courses. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and pontificate, but you did use it and your perspective is one that should be referred to by those interested in pursuing virtual worlds as an educational tool.

    While my enthusiasm for it as an educational tool is high, I know that it simply is not “there” yet as a serious tool.

    Isolated and highly specific cases do allow OpenSim to be a very good tool – teachers like Kate Booth and elementary kids using Sim-on-a-Stick as a 3D “notebook”. Her success comes at the price of a tremendous amount of energy on her part and a lot of personal time preparing SoaS to succeed for her kids.

    As a tool, like any other such as a word processing application or spreadsheet, OpenSim and virtual worlds are far from being ready for prime time.

    Thanks Iggy for sharing your experience with virtual worlds and I hope that others learn from it and understand the very real limitations and uncontrollable logistics that keep virtual worlds out of the mainstream.

    David Miller

    15 Jun 13 at 6:12 pm

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