The blog is back

A few weeks back something happened to our old iliveisl blog with HostGator. A comment-related PHP script caused our server CPU usage to go through the roof. I’m not savvy enough to know how to tell what it was let alone fix it.

HostGator “restricted” the hosting account until it was fixed – that meant none of the 20 sites we maintain were online, including

This happened Friday night right after the Board Game Blender – Tiny Games video came out with a mention by Tiffany B. of Mint Tin Aliens and Mint Tin Pirates (YouTube link starting at 22:47).

I couldn’t afford to spend days figuring this out so I grabbed hosting at GoDaddy to get back online quickly. The Board Game Blender video drove many sales of the Mint Tin Games (thank you Tiffany!). =)

HostGator’s been great for years and they were very responsive via Twitter but, with little server expertise, I felt stuck. It was easier, for me, to rebuild on a new host and get subQuark fully functioning by morning.

All that to say the blog is back and while older posts have missing photos, I can start blabbing again! *ooh, lucky world!*  =p

Oh, since the commenting thing trashed it all, I disabled commenting here. Feel free to chat on Twitter or Facebook as I’ll connect these posts to both. =)

Quick games and Kickstarter update:

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse is pretty solid and the incredible Nick Shaw has created two solo variants, a three player variant (only needs one game), and a four player variant (uses two games in a team format).

His variants are absolutely fantastic! They extend the game, add play value, variation, and a lot of fun. Thanks Nick! =)

We’re still looking to Kickstart Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse for $9 (shipping is US $0, Canada $5, World $10). That level will include a mini poker card poster with Ing’s fantastical interpretation of the game.

There will be a Deluxe reward with a themed mini playmat, a scoring journal with a “badging” element, and maybe even a full colour instruction book to highlight Nick’s instructions (yes, they are THAT good!).

Also my daughter-in-law Michelle, who is a music professor at Boston University, will create a soundtrack for the game! Fun! =D

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse is nearly done and I’m still futzing with my kooky dream of hand embossing the lids (3D plastic print below).

However, Mint Tin Villagers is being stubborn. The peasants are truly revolting. =(

The first part of that game, cooperative worker placement, plays fairly well but the competitive endgame needs tweaking. Time will work it out. Just need to be patient and playtest, playtest, playtest. =)

That’s it for now – go have fun! =D