What’s next for subQuark games?

Chaz Marler of Pair of Dice Paradise made an incredible review and demo video for Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens. To say I am blown away is an understatement. You have to see it first-hand because it’s not just that it’s a great review of these games, but his production value is phenomenal! From a very well scripted flow to impressive visual animations to funny out takes, Chaz has mad video skillz! =)

I’m very happy with his perspective as it reflects what I was hoping for with these games – light, fast, and easy to play in many environments.

Tonight is a great example of how this “style” came about. My daughter and daughter-in-law are over and we’re all in the kitchen cooking chicken piccata (I stole away for 3 minutes to blog this). Four of us in our modest 1955 kitchen which has a small round table in it. So while we prep various parts of the meal, we’re chatting, fawning over Artemis the pug, and enjoy each other’s company. Mint tin games allow us to stay in the conversation and also get some light gaming in.

Now back to Chaz who asked what was next for us.

I’ve been messing with a cooperative mint tin game and am bound and determined to make it work. That would be a third very different game play for the small, but growing, mint tin family. You may have seen past posts talking about Mint Tin Villagers and that’s the working title. It’s being a bit elusive and clunky, but eventually, a breakthrough will occur that will make it work.

Add to that the possibility of Mint Tin Pillagers, another cooperative game for 2 players and maybe, just maybe, a way to connect Villagers and Pillagers to make a 2 or 4 player combo game!

Stay tuned, watch for the September 30th Mint Tin Games’ Kickstarter, and do go read and view Pair of Dice Paradise’s awesome review! =)

lots of prototyping and knocking the head against the wall but eventually . . .