What’s planned for 2017?

Incredible artwork continues to be created for Mint Tin Odyssey which may launch May 4th. *fingers crossed*

Stephanie has created a bulk of the art for both the card deck and the colouring book. I’m very excited about the “look” and am continually blown away by her talent.

Mint Tin Odyssey

Mint Tin Odyssey is heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda and involves the exploration of 49 kingdom cards.

It’s currently a solo game meant to be played in a relaxing manner in around 30 to 45 minutes. It should be ideal for times when you want to unwind and maybe even a sleepless night. We’re trying to work a method into it that allows you to stop partway, pack it up, and then restart where you left off.

It uses the Delta d10 system which is a dice system allowing up to 3 values to be read from one dice toss. The idea is not to hamper anyone with the need to update stats. It’s not like RPG dice systems – it’s a standalone system for this game and Mint Tin Mineshaft.

Mint Tin Mineshaft has been undergoing play testing and tweaking for six months and is nearing completion.

This one’s a semi-cooperative 2-player game intended for about 30 minutes of game play. It also uses the Delta d10 system and is easy-to-play (but hard to win) and has decent replayability.

Mint Tin Mineshaft will, hopefully, Kickstart in the fall. =)

Natalie, Michelle, and I have created “version two of Mint Tin Pirates” which introduces a krakken and some real coins. It builds on the current rules and adds 2 crew to each player for a bit longer game play as well as more time for strategy to evolve.

It’s meant to be a new game and not simply a new edition of Mint Tin Pirates – both versions have their audiences and niches to fill. I’d like explore a 3- and/or 4-player option to make it truly stand apart from the original, and still popular, Mint Tin Pirates.

Speaking of popularity . . .

We continue to enjoy steady internet sales of all three games:

with our Triple Play Deluxe offering being the most popular.

We’ve switched from a PayPal shopping cart to Shopify. The flow’s better for customers plus it allows us to run discount codes from time-to-time (which are listed on the online store page).

That’s it for now – Happy Gaming and Win Often!

a colouring page from the Mint Tin Odyssey deluxe Kickstarter reward