Wow! My life suddenly got better

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I’ve always been easily amused. Growing up in Canada on a bee farm without a TV and as an only kid is a big factor in that.

As such, my discovery of an inexpensive ($9.59 – 40% off sale) paper trimmer totally made my day, week, and probably month!

I went looking for a hexagonal paper punch that a friend at work told me about and right next to it was the bestest thing ever! *cue angel choir*  =)

I’ve cut out hundreds (maybe even thousands) of mini poker cards in the last month and a game set takes me like 25 minutes to complete (I may be slightly persnickety in that task). This amazing invention (tops the wheel and fire in my book) has changed my world.

All that to say – have a great weekend! =)

2014-06-06 07.49
hmm, mini hex tiles cut from custom printed playing cards?

clockwise from top left – past prototype cards (which I save to draw on the back of), evil scissors (bah), Printer Studio card sample pack, extra large hexagon squeeze punch, tiny hex tiles (maybe a Min Tin Zombalamba is in order), surecut card making paper trimmer, and round ‘n round twist and flip corner punch