Can and Do isn’t Can-Do

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A can-do attitude is awesome but . . .
. . . there are many things I think I can do but only some things I know I can do.




For example, I think I could create a full size tabletop game. I have one fairly far along called ZOMBALAMBA.

It has custom hex tiles for the board, 29 zombie pawns, 6 player layout, a bunch of dice, and a nifty zombie AI. Well, I think it’s nifty because it uses a 1-2-3-twice d6 (ooh). =p

That game got stalled because of the custom hex tiles and my internal battle between what I can do and what I do do (lol, do do – I’m such a little kid!). =p

I’m pretty sure I could work with Panda or Cartamundi to make this game but the logistics scare me – big manufacturing quantities.

But . . . thinking within my “I do” circle resulted in Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens. The logistics of those tiny games seemed possible to me.

Can I think in bigger terms? Certainly. Can I do the bigger thing? Not so certain.

So many people have awesome ideas, I mean really amazing, for great games but stop short for many reasons.

For me, it was the logistics of big numbers and custom components.

I overcame it by scaling way back on custom components. I knew I could get custom cards printed – even just one deck. The rest was just using normal things – dice, meeple, and tins.

All things I knew I could do.

Mint Tin Games are nothing like ZOMBALAMBA, but maybe I’m a step closer to tackling what seems too difficult.

What about you? =)

Kate kicking my butt (again) - Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse - no custom components.
Kate kicking my butt (again) – Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse – no custom components.