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I’ve written before about publishing your own game and believe it’s something that many people can do. Years of giant established “gatekeepers” who decide what you will like are quickly falling by the wayside. They will try to keep hold of their places (and profits) and make it seem that anything less than “real” published games are somehow inferior.

Thank goodness YouTube changed that for many incredible musicians. And Kickstarter has done this for musicians, authors, and game designers.

There will always be a place for these gatekeepers but, thankfully, they aren’t the only conduit between creators and individuals.

Today, if you want to share your music, your books, your games, and whatever else, you have the ability to do so. And if your stuff resonates with others, you’ll find success. You could be the next Catan or you could be very happy being out there to a few hundred people. Either way, I think creators and individuals win.

All of this to say: if I can do it, so can you.

I’m not anything big, by any measure, but it’s been very satisfying to get our games out there and for those of you with that game, book, song, or whatever sitting on the back burner, take another step – it doesn’t have to be world domination and it can be as big or small as you like.  =)

Maker Movement continues for Mint Tin Games with a heavy-duty aluminum DIY game display for our only brick-and-mortar game retailer Diversions in Portsmouth, NH


an interesting box, some sandpaper, high-gloss paint, laminated graphics, and mounting tape make a kitchy display box for Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens for our FLGS of Diversions in downtown Portsmouth


Diversions is a great FLGS and truly part of the local community. They host a zillion events including our game design meetups which is where Mint Tin Pirates truly got launched!

Thanks Diversions! =)