Google World Map of Mint Tin Games

This was easy and lots of fun to make with Google Maps.

This shows where Mint Tin Games have been sent to from both Kickstarter campaigns and online sales.

The map is made up of layers:

  • Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens Kickstarter (666 cities)
  • Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse Kickstarter (1789 cities)
  • Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse Kickstarter (1152 cities)
  • Online Sales (469 cities)

Each layer can have a maximum of 2,000 data points so Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse takes two layers. You can toggle layers on and off.

There’s only one flag per city even though some cities have many games and only the last layer’s colour shows if multiples exist for that city (toggling the layers will change flag colours if games were shipped there from various projects).

All-in-all, here are the final numbers, plus or minus a few, for our tiny games:

  • 6,900 Mint Tin Games out there in
  • 2,217 cities in
  • 49 countries.

Kind of a fun thing for literally a mom and pop operation! Go Maker Movement! =)

Thank you for making all of this happen and for sharing these games with friends.

Happy Gaming and Win Often!

updated – August 16, 2016