Juggling it all and having fun

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Life gets in the way!

Whether it’s family life, personal challenges, work, friends, commitments, or personal endeavors – there’s always a balance that should be struck.

“Balance” is a nice euphemism for an idyllic, albeit mostly elusive, set of circumstances in our lives that both compete for our time and energy and recharge us.

I have 5 kid’s books in various stages of completion. Some are with the editor, one is with the illustrator, the InDesign templates are done, and all are in line to be published in November and that date seems reasonable.

I’m also working on two Kickstarter projects for 3 games – one of which I’d like to launch in 3 weeks and another in September.

The first one has been fun to create and a great learning experience so far. It’s a simple and silly game mentioned in a past post and uses shot glasses and custom dice.

Keep an eye out for Monsters vs. Humans – A Shooter Game.  =D

The second one’s getting down to the wire and causing some angst in the “life balance” department!

Final play testing occurs tomorrow night at a local Meetup and then it’s full steam ahead for game reviewer prototypes. This second project is a pair of mint tin games.

All of the game components are in good shape – I have the mint tins which are the game boxes, loads of mini meeples, and the dice.

But . . . what’s missing is the final artwork for the labels and the mini cards! =(

I’m doing the art myself and have some of it done but sometimes I get stressed out (that and an intense week long training course I’m attending for work next week! bah!). =p

Well, I just have to smile and keep in mind that stuff like this, making games and writing books, isn’t a bad burden at all! =)

a mashup of actual medieval woodcut art that I’ll use as the inspiration for what I’ll create as vector art