Pet Peeve – Kickstarters who don’t support Kickstarter Projects

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Ugh, hypocrisy! (>_<)

Not that I’m a shining beacon for not being hypocritical, but this really gets my goat! (where did that expression come from? and give me back my goat!)  =p

People who create Kickstarter projects who don’t, themselves, support Kickstarter projects!

Kickstarter is a social platform to help people get projects going and there are so many clever things on there that it’s inspiring.


A resounding yes to project creators who have no issue asking for help in funding their dreams but don’t do the same for others. I don’t get that – it’s like Twitter accounts that follow a handful of people but are followed by zillions.

I know that celebs don’t have the time to answer every tweet, but just like you and me, we are all constrained by 24 hours in the day (actually it’s 23 hours and 56 minutes but that’s the science teacher in me . . . ). But they can at least follow their fans back and many do – thank you.

Kickstarter project creators should, imho, practice what they preach and be social participants in Kickstarter, not just ask for hard-earned money.

Ugh, okay that’s my rant, now back to writing about a chicken & a goat (see, I need my goat) and back to creating a Kickstarter page for Mint Tin Games! =D