Publishing on Demand for Games

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I’ve started to dabble in “publishing”, which sounds sophisticated to my world paradigm, but it’s actually within mainstream grasp.

Publishing on Demand for books is becoming easier and you can have your book online within 48 hours if it’s in a Word Doc (Kindle Direct Publishing). That’s pretty accessible – no need for high-end software or a hard-to-acquire account with a printer such as Lightning Source – and the barriers between your creativity and sharing it with the world are becoming smaller.

In my quest to publish my own books, I stumbled upon a similar Print on Demand model for games.

Publish your own games? I never imagined that such a thing was possible.

Real tangible games in the form of board games and card games. By the way, stumble is my euphemism for a distraction from writing a first set of children’s chapter books!

All of this to say that if you’ve ever thought of creating a game or are looking for a creative distraction from writing, maybe this is new to you too!

Hexagonal tiles I drew up and laminated with contact paper along with some playing pieces from The GameCrafter give me a break from writing. And definitely expand my daydreaming frontier!