Using your Multimedia Skills for your Own Endeavors

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I truly enjoy creating eLearning because it is an effective way to reach and teach others. Typically eLearning is available at the learner’s convenience and hopefully makes a positive impact in their work, life, or hobbies. I take advantage of the many tutorials out there from learning how to move a blog to ActionScript to how to build a wooden kayak.

eLearning is all around us and much of a video sharing site like YouTube is decent eLearning. Sure YouTube videos are not in an LMS, you don’t have assessments, and you don’t print out certificates. But millions of people turn to YouTube to learn everything from tying fly fishing flies to plumbing.

How about CommonCraft? They have been used to teach many things and started out of a desire to help others understand everything from photosharing to twitter to how US presidential elections work. I like that they could even take themselves lightly and create a video on how to deal with zombies!

In our virtual world, Enclave Harbour, we are creating science education spots to help students learn environmental science. So far we have 50 activities with number 51 going in tonight. It’s a virtual science field topic that is sure to grab a middle school students attention – electricity from a toilet flush! (update: Ener blogged about this here)

In an article today on, a De Montfort University student has created a working turbine that takes advantage of the waste water flow from high rise buildings!

Creating a virtual world example of this along with teaching materials should result in a fun eLearning exercise (and one that should elicit many giggles).

This is something I do in the evenings as both a way to unwind from the day and also as a potential business. I am applying my multimedia skills to laying out my own print-ready version of a workbook, creating online resources, making promotional videos for use in conference exhibits, and doing virtual world development.

This is where you can use your daytime eLearning skills. Doing so may open the doors to new opportunities, add more value to you in your day job, or serve as a creative outlet.

If you are a subject matter expert, maybe you can help your city develop online materials to help move your community toward “greener” practices. If you are a graphic artist, maybe you could create artwork for any number of projects – from little league baseball team logos to your fire department’s annual safety awareness program. Or maybe you will create the best eLearning cooking blog in the world! A flip video camera, some editing, and well written instructions are certainly eLearning made practical (and tasty too).

Your eLearning skills can go far beyond what you do at work. Donating your time and skills to charities can be rewarding as well as making a community impact (and may even be a tax write off).

Just because it’s not in an LMS, doesn’t have metrics, or is not mandated for compliance does not mean it has no value and is not worth your time to create.

Who knows, you may create the best ______________ (fill in the blank) in the world!