what do guys carry in their man bags?

American culture sometimes has difficulty with the simplest of things. Socks with sandals! Horrid! Men carrying purses? Oh no!

Well I don’t wear socks with sandals, but I’ve tried it and it’s quite comfy. Despite being a frog from Quebec, I’m very American in many ways.

Carrying a bag shouldn’t be a big deal in today’s world but . . . I have a Timbuk2 extra small messenger bag that, without a doubt, is a purse. I have friends that have commented on it with terms such as “murse”, so we aren’t as open minded about things as we sometimes profess to be. o_O

So much for my soapbox and I could go on about being born in a country where the most powerful person, for my entire life, has been a woman – Queen Elizabeth! =)

Now don’t say anything bad about Her Majesty and yeah, I’m weird because most frogs don’t love her like I do, but that’s another story . . .

So what do guys carry in their bags?

Beats me, but I know what’s in mine!

1200 gray meeples for Mint Tin Aliens – don’t tell Giorgio Tsoukalos, he probably already knows! =D