BoardGameGeek, typos, and rules

Thanks to BoardGameGeek, a typo and an incorrect word were discovered this morning for the instructions to Mint Tin Aliens.

A professional editor worked on the rules but that doesn’t mean I can type them in Illustrator without making a mistake! *doh!*

Emile from BGG requested more complete rules be included for the Mint Tin Game database entries so I typed them directly from the instructions printed on the game cards. Those errors could have conceivably made it all the way to the actual Kickstarter Edition of the games and I would have been devastated (well, I wouldn’t have approved of my sloppiness). =p

This also gives me the impetus to create the online versions of the instructions as suggested by Erin of The Geeky Gimp (thanks Erin!).

Online instructions that can be read by a text reader (30 million adult Americans can’t read) and a PDF version extend the accessibility to these games.

Stay tunedKickstarter launches September 30th! =)

quelle horreur o_O