Mint Tin Games in Europe

I’ve never been to Europe and it’s something I’d like to do (especially since my mom is from Picardy, France and way back on my father’s side Müller became Miller).

But in the meanwhile, Mint Tin Pirates and Mint Tin Aliens have made it over! =)

A friend from work brought over a dozen games as gifts for his family (quote below). These pics are in Switzerland and the one with the cows is almost too stereotypical! =)  *ooh, hope they don’t get abducted*

Additionally, a reviewer in Germany is currently looking at the games and, thanks to him, I’ll be offering an international reward on the Kickstarter which will be September 30th to October 26th. Give him a shout out on Twitter for helping to open this door! =)

My kids LOVE your games. Jessa prefers Aliens and Will leans towards Pirates. I probably played each of them 15 times while there. Every time we got on a train Jessa and Will would ask to play.