Labor Day weekend & 3500 friends

I guess I put the labor in Labor Day this year! =D

I spent several hours spread across the 3 day weekend moving mini meeples from one set of baggies to another – woof, no wonder game designers get their stuff made overseas! This maker movement stuff isn’t much fun.

But everything doesn’t have to be fun all the time. There was a nice feeling of accomplishment when the last baggie was done. It was satisfying to go from start-to-finish with a task (even with the sore fingers now). =)

The mini meeples come in bags of 25 and I had 1500 red, 1500 black, and 500 white ones (Pirate Ghost!). They get rebagged into groups of 3 red, 3 black, and 1 white PLUS they have to be all laid flat inside the baggies. o_O

Even though the Kickstarter is 4 weeks away, there was a question of color availability and up to 2 months lag time so I ordered these ahead of time to be certain they’d be here.

Remaining to do are bagging the dice and wood cubes for Mint Tin Pirates and bagging dice and meeples for Mint Tin Aliens (there are 1500 gray minis for that in the pic below).

The tin labelling also needs to be done but dice and tins won’t be ordered until the Kickstarter nears funding. I’m getting a quote on printed tins as well as printed and embossed but am torn on that route. That would mean a lot less work for me (placing the labels on the tins by hand isn’t hard, but it is slow).

Printed tins would look professional – maybe too professional?

There’s something about the manual part of putting these games together that seems nice to me. Even though it means hours of sitting there, maybe it harkens back to slower times.

Games give us a chance to slow down and that’s important for us, I believe. =)

Enough of my tin can philosophy – time to go enjoy some beautiful Labor Day weather here on the Seacoast!

Happy Labor Day everyone and Happy Labour Day to my fellow Canadians!