Multimedia means more than computer generated assets

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It’s easy to give over to the computer for all your multimedia needs. Especially in education and it is the only case for eLearning.

For education, teachers know how students respond to being able to hold, listen to, or even smell something. Even the act of putting pencil to paper is multimedia. Some of the best work comes from that very simple act.

When teaching Geology, I like having students actually hold rocks in their hands, smell them, look through them, and so on. In my graduate work, tasting rocks was a definite “must do”. For sedimentology, tasting rocks was necessary in field work. You can determine particle size that way.

Of course, I can’t make that recommendation for the classroom. Food Network is constantly telling us that eggs and raw chicken will kill us! So passing around a rock for everyone to bite into would get calls from parents.

My argument would be – why do we accept that it is okay for eggs to kill us today?

Rather than saying don’t eat raw eggs, shouldn’t we be asking why it was okay to eat raw eggs and raw cookie dough 20 years ago?

Multimedia, food, and 20 years past – how does that all tie together?

After I completed my Masters at the University of Texas, I welded up a 450 pound smoker for my wife. It took 50 pounds of welding rods and a weekend to make. That was 20 years ago and it (and the marriage) are still humming along!

It was a Christmas present – it’s a Texas thing . . .

smoker2010 013
multimedia you can eat
smoker2010 010
Summer in New England suddenly feels like Texas
smoker2010 016
Learning to weld was education in action!