Shooter Game – Humans v. Monsters

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It’s been a beautiful morning here on the New Hampshire Seacoast and I’ve spent a few hours writing on book four of the ChuChu Chicken & Pedro the Goat books.

As a break from that, I thought about a simple game that may help me ease into Kickstarter. My thought is rather than jumping in with a full blown “do or die” project, why not dip my toe in with something smaller that I can learn from.

Humans versus Monsters! A drinking game? Perhaps!  =)

You don’t have to drink alcohol to have fun with this (I don’t drink anymore but I do miss my Friday evening martinis . . . ).

If this moves ahead, it would be a short 13 day Kickstarter with a low funding amount – maybe $500 from what I’ve priced out so far – 2 custom dice which I already have a couple dozen of for another game, a custom printed shot glass, and a micro game-board (a waterproof PVC poker card).

Here’s the game-board: