Tiny Environmental Win for Micro Games?

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This week I received a carton of mint tins that will be used to create some of the Mint Tin Games for the September 30th Kickstarter.

I’m not assuming that the Kickstarter will be a success, but I like being prepared.

Plus there are some local opportunities to sell these games at holiday school events and help fundraising too. I also learned that I can get a street vendor permit for $45! Maybe I’ll roam the streets of Portsmouth with an usher tray loaded with games and my PayPal phone swipey dealio! =D

Pinterest DIY on making an usherette tray

The Kickstarter is actually only for funding the game card printing – all the other parts are funded by me. It’ll make more sense once the KS goes live – I figure if others are willing to part with their hard earned money to make this happen, so can I!  =)

Back to the carton . . . *those tangents!*

It’s surprising how small the carton is when you consider it has 432 tins in it! That’s 432 game boxes!

So what’s this got to do with the environment?

It’s a stretch but as a former Environmental Science professor, I saw the small packaging as having a much smaller environmental impact for shipping than “normal” sized games (plus a smaller impact on the pocket book!). But then, you could argue that game apps have virtually no carbon footprint – unless you consider that Google has over 3 million servers running and that two searches uses enough energy to boil a kettle of water for tea . . .

Happy Talk like a Pirate Day! =)

Carcassonne is a smallish game box, Bella is a large cat, and the carton of mint tins is rather small.